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SSDDiff Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
SSD::DiffQuasi-abstract class for a diff
SSD::DiffDijkstraDijkstra search core object
SSD::DiffDijkstraStateState object for the Dijkstra search we are implementing
SSD::DiffDijkstraStateQueueSorting function used for sorting the state queue
SSD::DocDocument wrapper class this class wraps around a document, in the current version only XML documents are supported, but other similar formats might be added later on (by making Doc an abstract class and deriving from it
SSD::eq_strEquality functor for char* strings
__gnu_cxx::hash< void * >Trivial "hash function" for pointers
SSD::hash_NEqCC++ hash function object uses the has function supplied in the object code
SSD::hash_releqcHash functor for relation equality classes
SSD::hash_ustringHash functor for ustrings in maps
SSD::MarkedWriterOutput writer for the "marked" output format
SSD::MergedWriterOutput writer class for the "merged" format
SSD::NodeClass encapsulating a single node this is an abstraction layer away from the libxml data structure while allowing at the same time storage of additional information
SSD::NodeAssignmentsReference counting list carrying two Node* as data this is a reference counting list since we are not going to use it a true list, but it can grow into different directions. The real structure will look like a tree, but with the children pointing to its parents
SSD::NodeEqClassKey for a node equality class, and hash function
SSD::RelCountRelation count class
SSD::RelEqClassRelation Equality Class - get the equality class for two given nodes
SSD::ustringClass which stores each string only once and enables faster comparision
SSD::XUpdateWriterXUpdate output writer class

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