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SSD::MergedWriter Class Reference

Output writer class for the "merged" format. More...

#include <out_merged.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MergedWriter ()
 create a new merged writer object
 ~MergedWriter ()
 destroy the merged writer object
void run (SSD::Doc &doc1, SSD::Doc &doc2, SSD::DiffDijkstra &diff)
 generate output document
void dump ()
 dump the merged document to stdout

Private Attributes

xmlDocPtr mergeddoc
 the merged output document

Detailed Description

Output writer class for the "merged" format.

This format is the most experimental (and yet incomplete) but it may be one of the most useful formats. It tries to produce one file with annotations so that you can reconstruct both original formats from it, while being as close as possible to both of them (and in some cases still being valid!)

Definition at line 25 of file out_merged.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SSD::MergedWriter::MergedWriter  )  [inline]

create a new merged writer object

Definition at line 32 of file out_merged.h.

SSD::MergedWriter::~MergedWriter  ) 

destroy the merged writer object

Definition at line 363 of file

References mergeddoc.

Member Function Documentation

void SSD::MergedWriter::dump  ) 

dump the merged document to stdout

Definition at line 359 of file

References mergeddoc.

void SSD::MergedWriter::run SSD::Doc doc1,
SSD::Doc doc2,
SSD::DiffDijkstra diff

generate output document

generate the merged output document

doc1 first source document
doc2 second source document
diff diff results

Definition at line 314 of file

References SSD::DiffDijkstraState::ass, SSD::Doc::getDOM(), mergeddoc, NAMESPACE_MERGED, SSD::NodeAssignments::next, OUTPUT_BOTH, SSD::Doc::processed, SSD::rec_diff(), and SSD::DiffDijkstra::result.

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Member Data Documentation

xmlDocPtr SSD::MergedWriter::mergeddoc [private]

the merged output document

Definition at line 29 of file out_merged.h.

Referenced by dump(), run(), and ~MergedWriter().

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